August Wrap Up

Hello everyone,

Its been quite a while. I hope everyone is doing good, I have been so busy dealing with grief and tackling college at the same time. Its been pretty rough lately but I still managed to find some time to read, its my only escape from this world right now and as usual I am so thankful for books.

So, in the month of august I squeezed in a total of 6 books. Its comparatively less than how much I usually read but then again at least I read something.

Okay enough of depressing talks, lets get into all the books I read in august.

I think my reading in the month of august was pretty solid. My average rating is 4.33/5 and I discovered 3 new favs !

Books read in August –

#1 The Red Palace

‘The Red Palace’ by ‘June Hur’ was the first book I read in the month of august.

‘The Red Palace’ is a YA historical mystery set in Joseon (Korea) 1758 by June Hur. After a massacre involving palace nurses takes place and the crown prince is framed for it, a 17 year old palace nurse Hyeon and 18 year old police inspector Eojin come together to unravel the case and clear up Crown Prince’s name.

The one thing I must say is that June Hur definitely knows her work ! The setting is so vivid that it immediately transports you, the murder mysteries are always twisted and difficult to figure out who the real killer is. The red palace delivers in a similar fashion. I felt immediately transported to the palace full of conspiracies and betrayals.

If you like secrets and court intrigue, murder mystery and Korea based historical setting than definitely check this one out !

My rating – 4/5 stars.

#2 Dragon Mage

I mentioned above that I found 3 new favorite books in August and Dragon Mage by ‘M.L. Spencer’ would be the first of those.

‘Dragon Mage’ by M.L. Spencer is an epic coming of age fantasy full of magical adventures, characters who will grab your heart and of course beautiful DRAGONS !

This is the kind of book I wished I had read sooner although it just came out this year. I know I don’t make much sense but this book just felt nostalgic and warm. This is not necessarily a happy book, the villains are truly evil and the story sometimes goes to really dark places but I still think this is gonna become one of my comfort reads. Also, this was originally supposed to be a standalone but the author decided to write a sequel and I am so looking forward to it!

This book has everything – magic, training montage, ballads, legends, void monsters, truly evil villains, self discovery, wonderful themes and portrayal of friendship and bonding, a cutesy romance, battle, dragons and dragon riding !

My rating – 5/5

#3 Half a King

I don’t exactly what bought this into my attention but I have been meaning to start Joe Abercrombie for quite a while now and I thought that this might be a good place to start.

But, well I was wrong. The book isn’t necessarily bad but I think it doesn’t live up to that ‘Abercrombie’ label and hype. And I get that, this being his first book and all.

We follow Prince Yarvi who has only one good hand. We see him go through quite a bit and we meet other characters come into the picture slowly as they help Prince Yarvi take the throne that he has been denied to.

The writing was pretty simple and easy to read, I also liked the side characters that were introduced but overall I didn’t find this book much memorable. So, I am not sure if I am going to continue with the sequel. But, I am definitely looking forward to starting First Law series and diving into that world.

My rating – 3/5 stars

#4 Jade City

Another favorite one that I read in August.

‘Jade City’ by Fonda Lee is the first installment in the Green Bone Saga series and its a brilliant one! This book has been getting a lot of buzz ever since it was released, every friend and their grandmother seemed to love this book. And they were all right to do so.

‘Jade City’ is definitely not your classical fantasy, its modern and refreshing in every way. The story takes place in Janloon, a modern Asian inspired city set in an island nation of Kekon mirroring 20th-century Hong Kong. The city is ruled by two major clans – No Peak Clan and Mountain clan. We follow the journey of these two clans as their residing peace turns into rivalry. I also loved seeing how much influence Jade has over the city and the clans.

Apart from the slow start everything in this book was immaculate, it checks all my boxes that makes up for a phenomenal read. Quality writing ? Checked. Wonderful characterization ? Checked. Vivid Worldbuilding ? Checked. Intriguing Magic system ? Checked. Well executed action scenes ? Checked. Absolutely cannot wait to read the sequel ? Checked.

My rating – 5/5 stars

#5 The Atlas Six

I have been seeing this book in twitter and bookstagram more often nowadays and that makes me so happy because this book deserved the world !

The Atlas Six by ‘Olivie Blake’ has a very interesting premise. Six people with unique magical abilities are invited to be part of a secret Alexandrian society and only five can make it out alive next year.

While this is not something I usually read but the way Olivie has blended Dark academia, Fantasy and Magical realism and Science is spectacular. The prose is equally beautiful and stunning. I don’t think I have a single critique for this book now that I think about it.

The characters are morally grey and so sexy. I fell in love with each of them for completely different reasons. In short, Read this if you haven’t !

My rating – 5/5 stars.

#6 The Maleficent Seven

I heard someone describe this as Kings of the Wyld meets Suicide Squad. I haven’t read Kings of the Wyld yet but I have enjoyed Suicide Squad. And its not this pitch that caught my eyes but the premise that said –

When you are all out of heroes, all that’s left are the villains.

Yes, just like the title suggests we have seven villains who come together to save a village. But villains will always be villains and hence they have plans and motives of their own.

I am so torn about this book because while this was fun and easy to read through, there were some things that really didn’t click with me. This is a grimdark novel which is why I understand the gore and gruesomeness but I think it was deliberate use of gross things just to make the characters appear villainous that turned me off every time.

I would still recommend this book but please do check the trigger warnings.

My rating – 3.5/5 stars

So, that was all the books I read in August. Also, this is my first wrap up post so please excuse me if it wasn’t much good. I will try to get better. 🥺

How has your reading been going? And what’s the best book you read in August? Do let me know 😉

Thanks for Reading !

19 thoughts on “August Wrap Up”

  1. Aw, you’re wrap up post was great and I hope you can find a little escape in amongst everything going on. It’s easy to feel bad that you’re not reading as much as normal but as long as you’re reading books that you’re enjoying, it does help, even if you don’t realise it straight away.

    Thanks for the recommendation about Dragon Mage though. I don’t read enough fantasies surrounding dragons and it sounds amazing!

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  2. omggg so glad to see your positive thoughts for the atlas six!! it honestly deserves ALL the love and i cannot wait for the sequel, i’m also thrilled to see such a high rating for jade city; that’s a series i always hear so much good stuff about. here’s to a good next reading month for you! ❤

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  3. This was a great first wrap up post, Azu! I hope you’ve been doing okay 💕 and I’m glad to see so many good reads you’ve found solace in! Jade City was truly incredible, Jade War gets better and I’m so excited for Jade Legacy in December! So happy to see you loved The Atlas Six too, it has so much high praise and I’m certain it will live up to it for me! I hope October treats you well 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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