The ones we’re meant to find ~ a book review

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The Crusade is back with a review for ‘The ones we’re meant to find’ by Joan He.

Okay first of all. Have you seen the cover !? Its one of the most beautiful cover I have ever laid my eyes on.

artist – Aykut Aydogdu

Synopsis –

One of the most twisty, surprising, engaging page-turner YAs you’ll read this year—We Were Liars meets Black Mirror, with a dash of Studio Ghibli.

Cee has been trapped on an abandoned island for three years without any recollection of how she arrived, or memories from her life prior. All she knows is that somewhere out there, beyond the horizon, she has a sister named Kay. Determined to find her, Cee devotes her days to building a boat from junk parts scavenged inland, doing everything in her power to survive until the day she gets off the island and reunites with her sister.

In a world apart, 16-year-old STEM prodigy Kasey Mizuhara is also living a life of isolation. The eco-city she calls home is one of eight levitating around the world, built for people who protected the planet―and now need protecting from it. With natural disasters on the rise due to climate change, eco-cities provide clean air, water, and shelter. Their residents, in exchange, must spend at least a third of their time in stasis pods, conducting business virtually whenever possible to reduce their environmental footprint. While Kasey, an introvert and loner, doesn’t mind the lifestyle, her sister Celia hated it. Popular and lovable, Celia much preferred the outside world. But no one could have predicted that Celia would take a boat out to sea, never to return.

Now it’s been three months since Celia’s disappearance, and Kasey has given up hope. Logic says that her sister must be dead. But as the public decries her stance, she starts to second guess herself and decides to retrace Celia’s last steps. Where they’ll lead her, she does not know. Her sister was full of secrets. But Kasey has a secret of her own.

Ones we’re meant to find‘ by Joan He is thrilling, heartrending sci-fi novel that follows two sisters with an unbreakable bond and yet seas apart from each other somehow.

Cee is stuck in an island since last 3 years with only one goal in her mind – Find Kay. Meanwhile Kay is having her own struggles trying to make sense of herself, her sister and the entire world.

Setting –

This story is set in a apocalyptic and futuristic earth where climate change and other disasters have made the ground not survivable anymore, everything is contaminated and infected. People from all over the world has come together and developed eco-cities that levitate over their region.

“The dominos had been set centuries ago. One quake, and they all fell.”

Characters –

16 year old Kasey Mizuhara and Celia Mizuhara are sisters and they cannot be any more different than each other. Kasey likes to dissociate herself from people and doesn’t have overbrearing feelings for anybody, meanwhile Celia loves too much and is also breaking boundaries and rules. But despite these difference they have a very strong bond.

They both hold the memories of each other while trying to survive in their own battles, Kasey is trying to save the world and cope up with Cee’s disappearance and Cee is stranded on an island spending everyday trying to find her way back home.

“Home could be here, for all I care, if she were with me.”

Celia and Kasey

“Celia had loved the sea. Loved the whitecaps that foamed like milk, the waltz of sunlight atop the peaks. Kasey did not. The sea was a trillion strands of hair, infinitely tangled on the surface and infinitely dense beneath. It distorted time: Minutes passed like hours and hours passed like minutes out there. It distorted space, made the horizon seem within reach.

And it was the perfect place for hiding secrets.”

Writing –

We are anchored to the mystery from the very start as Joan He slowly unravels the secrets and oh the twists ! The brilliant heartbreaking twists made me feel so many things. Joan He has crafted this book beautifully and masterfully.

The pacing is slow at first and might take some time to get used to the writing but things accelerates midway and doesn’t stop until the breathless end.

She has written a thought provoking story about love, humanity and sacrifice. While we follow a devastating future world, it will also make you question things like ‘Does Humanity deserve saving?’

“None of us live without consequence. Our personal preferences are not truly personal. One person’s needs will deny another’s. Our privileges can harm ourselves and others.”

Conclusion –

Overall, the start was little slow but I really enjoyed this book. It is a thought-provoking, captivating, emotional, thrilling and a beautiful book that I think will appeal to anyone who loves Sea, siblings and sci-fi with exploration of some great themes and unexpected plot twists. Definitely recommend !

Rating –

CWs: terminal illness, suicide, violence, past death of parent, vomiting

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10 thoughts on “The ones we’re meant to find ~ a book review”

    1. Omg tysm 🥺 that means a lot. And yes everything about this book was beautiful 😭❤️ it deserves all the love

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  1. This was such a well-thought out review! I really like how your quoted parts of it and your opinions were so well organised! (I really need to graduate from my reviews being just an incessant ramble!) I’ve been meaning to read this for SO long and this review totally made me want to read it! I just found your blog and it’s so awesome!!

    —Maya @ Pretty Little Scribbles

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    1. Omg tysm 🥺❤️ your comment made me really happy. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

      Thank you again !

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